Nimbla collaborates with Dancerace to provide BDP

Find out about our new collaboration with award winning ABL platform, Dancerace

We are working with Dancerace to improve credit insurance access for SMEs when they apply for invoice finance. 

The move is designed to help increase SMEs’ confidence at a time when many firms are facing increased defaults by customers.

Our new collaboration will increase the range of BDP options offered to businesses when they access commercial finance from banks and lenders using the Dancerace platform.

Powered by our API, SMEs and financiers will be able to access insurance cover within Dancerace’s ABL software.

‍What are the benefits to lenders?

  • Better cover & borrower experience, by enabling clients to buy their own debtor limits in e3
  • Flexible, 90-day cover. Trade credit insurance without the commitment. Cover provided by A-rated Accelerant Europe SA.
  • Save money. Unlike traditional, long-term BDP policies, clients only pay for the cover they need.
  • Save time. e3 does the hard work for you, with automated reporting & updates, fast limit decisions and 100% paperless administration.
  • Make money. Expand your offer without expanding your team. Earn revenue from each policy.
  • Borrow with confidence. Say ‘yes’ to more lending requests. Enter new markets, with cover across Western Europe.‍

How does it work?

Our API enables lenders to check credit insurance limits on their clients before granting them funding, with the option to offer bad debt protection. Our software integrates credit risk analytics and risk transfer into any digital platform. It improves underwriting, reduces administration and mitigates risk by monitoring payment history and triggering collections activity.

‍Build a bespoke solution‍

To find out more please email our Head of Sales and Partnerships, Blair Pusey [email protected]


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