Product Update August 2022

Single Invoice Insurance

Single  Limit Insurance Cover

On 16/06/22 we launched our new single limit product to our top 10 Brokers as part of a 3 month proof of concept. Exclusively offered via the Broker app  SMEs can now receive a purchase link for quotes generated by their Broker.  With cover available up to £500,000 customers can now secure the cover they need with less administration and more certainty.

More choice for you and your clients

  • Approved Limits Choose the required capacity your clients needs each month without any hassle (£10,000 minimum).
  • Single Cover  Insure more than one buyer without having to insure the whole turnover on a single policy.
  • Flexible  30-day policy which allows customers to raise multiple invoices up to a set  limit.
  • Quick Faster decision making time from quote to bind compared to other insurers.
  • Convenient Low touch sales opportunity covering all buyers and industries.
  • Simple Straightforward buying experience where cover can be repurchased.

Large Limit

Backed by Greenlight and Lloyds, our new larger limit insurance gives clients and brokers the ability to get more cover than ever before. Help your clients get invoice protection across multiple debtors up to £2.5 million for 30-days at a time.

More choice for you and your clients

  • Bigger £250,000 – £2.5 million capacity backed by Greenlight and Lloyds.
  • Exclusive Risk pricing powered by our Nimblex Rating, allowing you to hold quotes for 7 days.
  • Flexible 30-day policy which allows customers to raise multiple invoices up to a set  limit.
  • Information CRQ, trade receivables and synced accounts to get accurate pricing.

We’re here for you

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have. To find out more information, please email [email protected].

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