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Nimbla User Guide

A guide to get you started using Nimbla Start your journey with us by signing up for an account on – it is free to sign up and maintain your account, you’ll only pay when you purchase a policy. Sign Up Once you have given us a few details about yourself and your company, […]

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How should I deal with overdue invoices?

How to benefit from Nimbla’s partner collection service Introducing Darcey Quigley Debt Collection: Nimbla’s Preferred Collections Partner Nimbla insurance policies entitle you to cost-effective debt collection. All you have to do is submit your overdue invoices for collection by Nimbla’s preferred collections partner Darcey Quigley and Co. You can do that here: Alternatively, you

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Notifiable Events

What is a Notifiable Event? Any circumstance that could affect the creditworthiness of your customer, or causes you to believe that they may unable to pay your invoice. Notifiable Events include: Your customer being unable to pay you on or before the agreed deadline. Your customer failing to honour the agreed payment terms at any

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How do I make a claim?

If your debtor goes insolvent during the policy period, and an insolvency practitioner is appointed, you are able to make a claim on your policy. Note that our policies only cover against insolvency, not fraud or prolonged default. Please use this online form to submit your claim. We need the following information: A copy of

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