How do I make a claim?

If your debtor goes insolvent during the policy period, and an insolvency practitioner is appointed, you are able to make a claim on your policy. Note that our policies only cover against insolvency, not fraud or prolonged default.

Please use this online form to submit your claim. We need the following information:

  1. A copy of the original invoice(s)

  2. A copy of your debtor’s insolvency confirmation letter, showing the debt owed to you, or a completed confirmation of debt form to confirm the full amount

  3. A letter of engagement/contract/written record such as emails to show your debtor ordered the work/goods

  4. A record of accounts receivable, showing debits and credits, from your debtor over the 12 months prior to policy purchase

  5. Written evidence of having chased the debt as described in your policy terms

  6. Any further evidence to support your claim (such as emails from your debtor showing recognition of the debt).

Providing as much information as possible helps us to get your claim approved and speeds up the process. If any of the above information is missing or incomplete, this will delay your claim as our team will need to reach out to you for additional documentation. Once your claim is approved, we aim to pay you within five working days⁠. Our Customer Care team will assist you with the claims process and keep you updated about the status of your claim.

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