How should I deal with overdue invoices?

How to benefit from Nimbla’s partner collection service

Introducing Darcey Quigley Debt Collection: Nimbla’s Preferred Collections Partner

Nimbla insurance policies entitle you to cost-effective debt collection. All you have to do is submit your overdue invoices for collection by Nimbla’s preferred collections partner Darcey Quigley and Co. You can do that here:

Alternatively, you can contact them with any queries at the following email:

Please note that Nimbla’s Terms and Conditions state that policyholders must submit any overdue invoices for collection by a collections partner or Nimbla’s collections partner Darcey Quigley promptly. If you do not do so, you may not be able to claim as chase notes are part of our claims requirement.

Submitting your debts not only relieves you of the administrative burden and stress of payment-chasing, but often the benefit of an external party being involved means you’ll be paid immediately.

Darcey Quigley protects your customer relationship by taking a solution-orientated approach. Their experts work alongside your debtors to resolve cash flow problems, improve the process for next time, and get you paid quickly.

Please note that any costs involved with debt collection will not be covered by Nimbla.

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