Notifiable Events

What is a Notifiable Event?

Any circumstance that could affect the creditworthiness of your customer, or causes you to believe that they may unable to pay your invoice. Notifiable Events include:

  1. Your customer being unable to pay you on or before the agreed deadline.
  2. Your customer failing to honour the agreed payment terms at any time.
  3. Your customer failing to pay you in full by the agreed deadline.
  4. Your customer becoming insolvent or entering administration.
  5. Your customer having debts over 45 days past due.

If you are unsure whether an incident falls into this category, you can reach out to our customer success team who will be able to advise you.

What must I do if any of these events occur?

You must report any notifiable event to Nimbla within 5 days. If any of the above events occur and you do not tell us promptly, you may not be able to claim.

Report a Notifiable Event

Please note that as part of Nimbla’s Terms and Conditions, policyholders must pursue overdue debts at set intervals. This can either be through the services our sister company Koguda at competitive rates, or you may use another third party company. See your Insurance Policy Information Document for information regarding your debt collection obligations.

Submit an overdue invoice

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