What is the ‘Nimblex’ Rating and how can it help my business grow safely?

Nimbla provides a real-time view of customer credit risk. Here’s how you can use this visibility to protect and support your business.

The Nimblex Rating compiles data on your customer’s credit rating, financial performance, cash balance sheet and payment behaviour to provide you with a real-time view of their ability to pay your invoice.* You can use this visibility to support corrective actions that reduce the risk to your business.

How to grow securely using the ‘Nimblex’ Rating

Log into Nimbla

To view the customer credit risk of your invoices, simply register with Nimbla and click ‘Connect Account’ in your personalised Nimbla dashboard to securely connect your accounting software. We support almost all major accounting platforms and you can disconnect at any time.

Check your credit risk

Once you’ve connected to Nimbla, your sales ledger will automatically populate your Nimbla dashboard. You’ll now be able to see the credit risk across your whole sales ledger in seconds. Unlike credit checking agencies, Nimbla is liable for calculating risk correctly.

Protect your business against customer defaults

Advanced algorithms calculate the ‘Nimblex’ Rating for every invoice in your sales ledger, and tells you whether the risk of nonpayment is ‘low’, ‘medium’ or ‘high’, so you can scan your entire ledger and identify issues in seconds.

Grow your business safely

Once you have Nimbla, you’ll be able to check whether it’s safe to take on more business with an existing customer, or to start trading with a new one in seconds. To check the credit risk of a prospective transaction, click ‘Quotes’ in your Nimbla dashboard, enter some basic information, and Nimbla will tell you how likely your invoice is to be paid, helping you to validate your credit decisions. This can empower your sales team to extend credit lines to new and existing customers, pivot effectively and grow your business.

*Please note that the Nimblex Rating is NOT a credit check and should not be used be used in place of one. Rather, the Nimblex Rating offers you a view of the risk related to a SPECIFIC invoice, in real-time.

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