What should I do when invoices are paid?

When an insured invoice is paid, you should add this payment to Nimbla. Adding the payment will close that invoice, and the amount could become available again so that new invoices can be insured.

By adding the invoice payment to Nimbla, the risk associated with the buyer could also be reduced because the amount that is outstanding has gone down. Reducing the risk can also reduce the cost of your insurance.

Mark as paid
Sign in to Nimbla once you have received the payment for an insured invoice. Then click on the 3 little dots on the right-hand side of the invoice and select ‘Mark as paid’. Enter the date the invoice was paid and click ‘Confirm’.

Accounting software
If you’ve connected your accounting software with Nimbla, you’ll have to add the payment there. We’ll automatically update the status of your invoice in Nimbla within the hour.

Purchased as a guest?
If you purchased your policy without registering for a Nimbla account, please email
[email protected] to let us know when your invoice is paid.

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