Nimbla invoice insurance takes the risk out of trading on credit terms. If a customer becomes insolvent before the invoice is paid, we’ll replace the money that’s lost. Don’t leave getting paid to chance.

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Nimbla & Know-it

Know-it has partnered with Nimbla to provide your business with credit insurance on a per-invoice basis from just £5.60* per policy, making it more affordable and easier than traditional credit insurance. You’re in good hands with Nimbla’s expertise, support and technology at your disposal.

Please be advised that your details will be shared with Know-it if you use the ‘Get invoice insurance’ facility on this page to take out a policy with Nimbla. This is to facilitate our referral agreement with Know-it as an introducer of our invoice insurance product.

What’s invoice insurance?

Invoice insurance from Nimbla provides businesses like yours with peace of mind, knowing that if one of your buyers becomes insolvent while owing you money, you still get paid.
Unlike traditional credit insurance, Nimbla doesn’t require you to insure your entire turnover for thousands of pounds. Instead, Nimbla allows you to insure individual invoices. If your buyer becomes insolvent, you can file a claim and Nimbla will pay out 90%* of the invoice value.

What are the benefits of invoice insurance?

Expand your business
Expand your business by offering credit terms to new buyers, knowing that you’re protected if things don’t go to plan. It could be easier to win new business when you don’t have to ask for payment upfront if your customer wants to pay on invoice.

Get peace of mind
Get peace of mind when using invoice funding, knowing that your loan is secure if the invoice isn’t paid. When using invoice factoring or invoice discounting, your invoices are the collateral and you might want to protect them against non-payment to ensure you will be paid.

Protect your bottom line
Protect your bottom line by insuring transactions with existing customers, knowing that you will get paid in uncertain times. Although you might know your customers, their trading conditions can deteriorate quickly and that could seriously harm your business.

Who’s invoice insurance for?

Invoice insurance is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses with invoices of up to £500,000 (subject to your customer’s risk profile). It’s useful for companies that operate in sectors such as manufacturing, wholesale, food production, recruitment, logistics and printing.
However, we cover every sector. You can use invoice insurance to win new business by offering credit terms to customers, knowing you’re protected when the invoice goes unpaid if they become insolvent.

We cover every business
We’re here for every business, whether you sell products or services.

Supporting you with export
We currently cover invoices in the UK and IE. More EU countries will be added soon.

Invoice insurance in action

A small London-based fashion designer was facing a loss of more than £30,000 when luxury high street retailer LK Bennett went into administration in March 2019 and Nimbla paid out 90% of the invoice value because it was insured.

What's Nimbla?

Nimbla is an easy-to-use online platform, allowing you to insure your first invoice within minutes after signing up. We have created Nimbla to make credit insurance more accessible and to level the playing field for smaller companies. Nimbla’s excellent customer support team can be reached by live chat, phone and email, answering all the questions you might have. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to insure invoices with Nimbla.

How do claims work?

If a buyer has become insolvent, Nimbla will process the insurance claim quickly in a few simple steps. If this happens, you will receive a letter from the administrators, which you will need to submit to Nimbla through their website.
They will check the documents and will keep in touch with you throughout the process. When everything is approved, Nimbla aims to pay out within thirty days.

Fast claims handling
We pride ourselves on paying every valid claim within 30 days, so you can enjoy positive cash flow.

We pay every valid claim
We believe that small businesses shouldn’t suffer from late payments.

Get started with Nimbla

Sign up online to get started or watch a video to find out how Nimbla works.

Or give Nimbla a call on 020 3984 8833chat to them or send an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum amount I can insure?

The maximum amount you can insure for a single invoice is £100,000 (subject to your customer's risk profile). You can insure multiple transactions from the same buyer.

How can I pay for insurance?

You can pay online using your debit or credit card.

What does invoice insurance cover?

Invoice insurance can protect your invoices against non-payment in the event of insolvency or bankruptcy. It can also protect against any outstanding losses incurred as part of a company voluntary arrangement (CVA).

Who can use Nimbla?

Every UK-registered business (including sole traders) doing business with UK-based limited and public limited companies. We are working hard on adding invoice insurance for selling to overseas buyers.

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