A sizeable customer default could have a catastrophic impact on your cash flow, even triggering insolvency. If a customer cannot pay you, Nimbla resolves your insurance claim in a few simple steps. We aim to pay all valid claims within 30 days.

How do I make a claim?

Notify us
When a customer becomes insolvent, the administrators will inform you by letter. You’ll need to send this to us.

Upload your documents
Next upload your original invoice, policy details, and the insolvency letter to our handy online claims portal.

Get paid!
Once your claim is approved, we aim to pay you in 30 days or less. We’ll keep in touch with you too so you can forecast your cash flow.

Nimbla in action

1. Invoice insurance

Martin’s Machines insures a £9,000 invoice for supplying a machine to Bob’s Bakery, who have agreed to pay within 30 days.

2. Customer insolvency

Bob’s Bakery fails to pay the invoice after 30 days after going insolvent, leaving Martin out of pocket.

3. Confirmation

Martin’s Machines receives a letter from the administrators confirming Bob’s Bakery is insolvent.

4. Notify Nimbla

Martin sends over his invoice and policy documents to us by email, so we can review his claim.

5. Immediate assessment

We immediately assess Martin’s claim and keep him informed of any developments.

6. Payment

Martin’s claim is approved, and he receives £8,100 in payment (i.e. original invoice amount minus the 10% deductible).

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